Digital Marketing Concentration at Assumption College

This past September, Assumption College added a Digital Marketing Concentration to their already robust offerings available for students. The Digital Marketing Concentration allows Marketing Majors to immerse themselves in courses that will help to guide them, as they start their careers after graduation.  In addition to core marketing courses, students take the following courses: Digital Marketing Strategy, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Digital Marketing Analytics.  These courses help to give students a well rounded foundation, that is coupled with working with local companies.  This semester, students in Digital Marketing Analytics, are working  with Access, a face-to-face marketing company located in Whitinsville, MA.  Students are getting the opportunity to dig through the companies data, and solve objectives that were set forth by our contacts at Access.

One of my favorite students, in the concentration, Hayden Butler, wrote the below article for the college paper.  Hayden did an excellent job of capturing the opportunities set forth from from the Digital Marketing Concentration, and Assumption’s focus on experiential learning.

On a personal note, I am beyond ecstatic to have the first group of students graduate this May with the new concentration, and to start their careers!

Digital Marketing Concentration

Check out this link,, to learn more about the Assumption College, and the new Digital Marketing Concentration!  Blurb from website, “Students will learn to develop and implement contemporary digital marketing campaigns for any type of organization and learn to make tactical and data-driven decisions using social media measurements, business intelligence, SEO/SEM, web analytics, and marketing data.”  ~