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The strategy of Digital Marketing

Daniels Digital focuses on keeping our clients up to date on the latest trends regarding social media. We can assist your company in taking the right steps it needs to stay ahead and increase your business! Here are some of the strategies we put together in order to stay ahead! SEO is very important for your business to utilize. It is what makes your company show for relevant search phrases that your Daniels Digital focuses on keeping our clients up to date on the latest trends regarding social media. We can assist your company in taking the right steps it needs to stay ahead and increase your business! Here are some of the strategies we put together in order to stay ahead! SEO is very important for your business to utilize. It is what makes your company show for relevant search phrases that your consumers use. When keeping up with SEO, your website will pop up from just a few keywords put in! Social Media Marketing is huge! Everyone is on social media. When someone wants to learn more about your business, they are most likely going to check your social media accounts. Paid ads can also help get your business in front of the right audience. If you are just starting out on social media trying to make a presence for yourself, then paid ads can really help boost your business in front of the right audience. Email marketing is another tactic you can use in search of new clients, or customers. It is a way to personalize a message to a certain audience. Are you struggling with your online presence? Daniels Digital can help you reach your goals!




5 Successful Tips for Social Media Marketing

When dealing with Social Media, it is very important that you are getting the reach in order to gain more of a following and create a digital presence for your business. Depending on your target audience, you should focus your time on 1-2 platforms that your audience uses the most. Short videos are very trendy right now, so utilizing that will be very important for your company. People like to see what your company is all about on Social Media, so don’t make them search for what you have to offer! Setting goals will help you stay organized and be consistent. Set goals that are reachable in order to show growth throughout the months. Social Media may be difficult at first, but once you get going and spend time on it, you will see the progress! Creating content is going to be very important. Posting 3-4 times a week will get you seen eventually! Engaging with your audience and potential audience for 10-20 minutes a day will help gain that following base you are looking for. Studies show that there are certain times to be posting on social media that allows for more views. Check out our “Best Times to Post on Social Media” infographic below to see what times are best for the platform your posting on! With the help of Daniels Digital, your business will be growing in no time! Allow us to invest into your business and guide you through the process! 


4 Key Aspects to the Digital Marketing Strategy 

There is a method to everything. Everything you are creating and posting for your business has to be strategically planned out. You won’t get away with posting random, low-quality content because you are going to not see the numbers you want. Scheduling content that your target audience wants to see is going to be the way to get more engagements and impressions. That then leads to your metrics. Tracking your metrics every month is going to be very telling for your business. It will show you what is working and what is not. What draws your audience’s attention. By knowing that, you can keep replicating to increase overall metrics each month! Set up a plan and how you will execute it. The lingo on your content and website is going to be very important. Your audience needs to understand what you are saying. Your lingo should be different when dealing with different audiences. Create roles within your business. This is not a one-man job. Everyone can contribute something! Daniels Digital takes on the different roles your digital marketing needs! Allow us to assist and we will not disappoint! 


5 Strategies for Social Media Marketing

When dealing with Social Media, you need to be strategic in order to gain more followers and develop your brand in the digital world. These are five key things to remember when trying to improve your page. The first thing you need to have is an audience. If you don’t have an audience, you are not specially targeting people that are interested in your brand. Follow and interact with your target market in the area where your business is located. Hashtags can help you find people around your location. If you are a Massachusetts restaurant, you don’t want to be engaging with people that live in California because they are out of reach to your restaurant. Keeping up with your insights is going to tell you the metrics on every single post. What posts are doing well on your page, and what posts are not getting much views. Figuring out what your audience likes to see is going to be key. Develop relationships with other businesses and people that surround you. Collab with other businesses! Plan out and stay organized weekly! Before each week, schedule what is going to be posted every single day in order to be more efficient. Make sure you are posting at the right times in order to get more views. (Reference below our infographic about the best times to post on Social Media) Until you get a system that works for you, keep going and never give up! You will get to the numbers you want if you put in the effort every day to get there! Daniels Digital is here to help you stay ahead of the curve and develop a presence on Social Media! We will guide you through it!



How to Gain Your First 1,000 Followers on Instagram

Are you struggling to increase your following on Instagram? You post so much, but still no luck? Here are a few steps to take when developing your brand on social platforms. It may sound easy enough, but the key is consistency. Being on top of it every day will get you the results you are looking for. Social Media is a growing curve, in order to stay up with that curve, you need to be putting in the work every day to stand out. Make sure you are fully utilizing your profile. Be fun and creative. That is the first thing people are going to see when clicking on your page. Have a catchy bio that draws people in. If you have any important links such as websites, bookings, etc, make sure that link is in your bio. It is so easy to click on a link rather than typing in the name of your company. You don’t want your audience to lose interest! For your content, you should have a designated content creator in order to make sure all your posts are being published correctly at certain times. This should be someone that is experienced and knows the ins and outs of Social Media. Someone that can be fully attentive to it. Be engaging and stay relevant with your target audience. Keep up to date on everything that is trendy and uses that as a guide for your content. Short video clips are very trendy right now. People tend to lose interest on a two min video. Keep it short and to the point where it is very hard for someone to get bored. Have a fun, outgoing spokesperson that can take over the stories. Get your employees involved! Everyone wants to see how much your employees love and enjoy their job! If you make your company a great environment to be in, people will be more drawn to you. It adds value and creates a deeper meaning for your company. The last quick tip that can really make you stand out is PROMOTING! You can publish so much content, but that content means nothing if people are not seeing it. Promote your company verbally and socially! This may be very tedious, but it will for sure increase your impressions! Daniels Digital is here to help you! We are trained professionals that are experienced in what we do! Let us take the stress off and guide you through the process!

Social Media Algorithm 

When you’re scrolling through your social media accounts, are you noticing that your friends’ posts are the posts you are seeing first? Based on the Social Media algorithm, coders are assigned to analyze your behaviors on platforms and generate similar posts based on what you search, like, engage, and interact with. The more you are active on social media, the better information they have on your behaviors. They are able to generate posts that are similar to your interests and personalize just for you. Social Media algorithms are here to stay! Let Daniels Digital help you stay consistent in your branding and help exceed the views of your content!


When to Post on Social Media!

You may think posting your content on any day or at any time doesn’t really matter, but it actually does! Social Media Marketing is all about creating, posting, and publishing content that your audience will see. With that being said, every post you send out should be strategically thought out. Depending on what platform you are posting on, it is important to understand what days and times are the best to post. According to, there was a study done analyzing 300,000 social media posts to see how many engagements and impressions those posts had received. They were able to then narrow it down to specific days of the week and even further into what times got the most reach. This is beneficial for all businesses to utilize because you want your posts to receive maximum engagement. This is very crucial for companies that are just starting up that don’t have a great number of followers. As your account grows, it is important to keep a consistent schedule on sending out content. Posting when your audiences are more online is going to be huge. Social Media is constantly growing, so you need to be able to stay up to the trends and stay ahead of the curve. Reference our infographic for the best times and days to post your content! Daniels Digital is always here to help and guide you through the process! 


Four Instagram SEO Tips to Increase Your Reach!

Check out our infographic on insightful tips to increase your reach on Social Media platforms! With increasing overall conversions, your company will continue to spread awareness throughout all Social platforms. Improving your reach can also measure what exact target audience you are trying to go after. Using hashtags, keywords, images and maintaining a quality account can set you apart from others. Creating your content is one thing, but having new audiences see it is a whole different ballgame. Daniels Digital takes pride in our work to increase overall conversion rates for your company! We ensure that our clients will always stay ahead of the curve. Let Daniels Digital develop a strategic marketing strategy for your organization!