Digital Marketing Concentration at Assumption College

This past September, Assumption College added a Digital Marketing Concentration to their already robust offerings available for students. The Digital Marketing Concentration allows Marketing Majors to immerse themselves in courses that will help to guide them, as they start their careers after graduation.  In addition to core marketing courses, students take the following courses: Digital […]

Do you monitor Online Reviews?

When do you need online reviews monitoring? For many businesses, you would suspect nothing happens. People are innately good, and should just share legitimate experiences.  As a result, most businesses strive to meet or exceed customer expectations, and the online reviews speak for themselves.  However, in situations, where people have nefarious motives, unmonitored reviews can […]

Brand Reputation Management: Samuel Adams is doing it right!

Brand reputation management is one of the most important variables for businesses to focus on.  It curates the expectations for current and perspective customers.  However, many businesses seem to falter, nor fully appreciate how helpful this activity can be for their brand.  The hope of brand reputation management is to influence customers into believing what […]