Video Marketing


Get Noticed and Grow Your
Business with Video Marketing

We live in a country where 89.4 percent of businesses are made up of fewer than 20 employees. Many of them serve only the clients in their vicinity. Google knows that. If you were to look up a restaurant or car repair shop, Google would prominently display websites belonging to local businesses.

Local SEO is your chance to bypass big brands and get in front of your customers. Your competitors are already doing that. You cannot afford to be invisible if your customers are primarily from your neighborhood or town.

Video Is the New TV

Online videos will account for 82% of all web traffic by the end of 2022. That presents an opportunity and a challenge for businesses like yours.

Buyers are overwhelmed with content. Everywhere they look, they find themselves surrounded by text. That has made it difficult for businesses to grab prospective buyers’ attention. Whatever your industry, you are competing with hundreds of other brands. Video can make you stand out.

Video marketing is an opportunity for your brand to break through the clutter and reach out to customers where and when they feel comfortable: Right into their Facebook feeds.

Benefits of Local SEO

Explainer Videos

Got a new product? Educate your prospective customers about it: How it works? How it will help them? And everything they need to know to make a purchasing decision.

Promo Videos

Make life easier for your busy customers. Educate them about your products with a promo video. It will take them less than 30 seconds to watch the video and they will remember your brand for longer.

Client Interviews

Increase your credibility online with video marketing. Show prospective customers what your existing and old clients have to say about you with short client interviews.

Custom Videos

If you need something unique, we have got you covered. Share your needs and goals with us and we will certainly come up with a custom video.

Build Your Brand or Increase Sales

Daniels Digital is focused on results. What drives us is a singular-mind dedication to our clients’ success. Whatever your goal — brand building or increasing sales — we are the team whose video marketing strategies will tell your brand’s story in a meaningful way and deliver results for your business. Impress your customers with an unparalleled engagement experience.

Singular Focus on Results for Your Business.

What Is in It for You?

More sales, increased visibility, enhanced branding, and everything a brand wants from a marketing campaign.

Promo Videos

Make life easier for your busy customers. Educate them about your products with a promo video. It will take them less than 30 seconds to watch the video and they will remember your brand for longer.

It Helps Your Customers Shop

A website is like a traditional brick-and-mortar store. You have to have your products arranged in neatly defined sections—books, electronics, apparel, and accessories.

It Builds Trust

Trust is a significant factor in online selling. A functional website that is easy to navigate and is pleasing to look at goes a long way in inspiring customers to trust you and take out their wallets to buy from you.

It’s Secure

A poorly designed website relying on outdated practices to achieve some visual effects can be hacked; costing you anywhere from a few dollars to a few thousand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Local SEO is a procedure for optimizing your Google My Business Listing to help it display more prominently in the local search results pages on Google (also known as the Local Packs) and the other major search engines.
Google Business Profile (GBP) is a web page that Google provides for local businesses. It allows you to put your company info on Google +, Google Maps, Google Search and other Google features.
Name, Address and Phone (NAP) is critical for local businesses. It’s important for your NAP to be accurate and consistent not only throughout your website, but also anywhere it appears throughout the entire Internet. Having an Inconsistent NAP confuses Google and it decreases the chances of your Google My Business Listings to rank in local pack.
Make sure you have strong Google reviews, completed and optimized Google My Business listing with photos and videos, and select the right categories. All these things can bring your business show up on Google Maps.
Accurate citations can boost your organic and local pack rankings. Citation signals still have an impact on your local pack and organic rankings. This is because search engines trust the key business listings sites and online directories to provide accurate information, and if this information is consistent and accurate across numerous trusted sites, search engines will give more prominence to it in SERPs.
Local web page content gives you an opportunity to use local search phrases in pages and posts on your website. Having content for these local search phrases increase the visibility of your business in search rankings.