We Build Links Your Website Needs to Get a Top Rank on Google

A sound business model, quality services, well-written content, and HD images are all necessary to sell on the Internet but they are not sufficient. You need SEO links if your goal is to have a website that pays for itself, builds your brand and increases sales. We are in the business of creating quality links.

A link is essentially your website’s address (URL) placed on someone else’s website. The address isn’t plain text, it is clickable. A visitor on that website can click the link and land on your website. The more relevant, contextual, and quality links you have, the more likely you are to rank high for the set of keywords you have chosen.

Why Should You Care About Link Building?

Build a website and customers will flock to it” was probably true when the World Wide Web was still young. But in a world populated by more than 4.5 billion websites, the chances of your clients finding you online are slim unless you team up with an SEO firm that actively builds links.

Quality link building is one most effective techniques to rank a site high in search. Links have been embedded into Google’s core ranking algorithm for almost two decades and they will continue to remain relevant for many years to come.

Cornerstone Digital Marketing Strategy

Exactly how link building helps in ranking is a closely guarded secret. But a recent study of over 2 million keywords shows that link signals have a much higher correlation score [with website rank] than individual on-page factors (meta tags, keyword usage etc.). That’s a big reason to consider link building as the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy.

Benefits of Link Building

More Visitors to Your Website

Plain and simple. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines are the largest source of website traffic. They bring a lot of business to our clients. You can capitalize on this marketing channel with SEO.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Strong rankings in Google and other search engines help guide new traffic to your website. If you provide quality services (or products) and the content on your website is compelling, you can count on converting many of the new visitors into customers.

Stronger Brand Authority

SEO is cheaper than most alternatives. A PPC campaign can cost you hundreds of dollars a day or more. SEO can be ideal for businesses on a shoestring budget. An expert SEO agency can manage your whole optimization campaign in less than $1,000 a month.

Positive Results Whose Impact Last Into Years

A survey found that 86% of buyers use Google or other search engines to find local businesses and then buy from them in the store.

Increased Revenues

Most of your customers use Google. When they will find you at the top of the search results for terms related to your business, it will convey a powerful message. Your customers tend to believe that you are the best.

Rake in More Revenue

We offer a wide variety of link building services that businesses have been using for years to obtain top rankings and consequently, more revenue. Your business can be next to benefit from our expertise.

We have years of experience many industry verticals, including: healthcare, home services, engineering, construction, sports and more. Whatever your industry, the chances are high that we have already worked in it and possess what it takes to deliver effective results.

Benefits of Link Building

We are a digital marketing agency, perfectly aware of the budget concerns organizations may have. We want to help you grow. To that end, we offer multiple link building plans. Whether you hire Foxxr Digital Marketing to exclusively build links for your website, or choose from one of our SEO packages, you will get a powerful business promotion package that involves:


White Hat Google Friendly

Expert Strategy

High Authority & Traffic Links

Vertical Specific Links

Benefits of Local SEO

Rank High on Local Search Engines

A backlink (a standard local SEO technique) from your chamber of commerce or a similar organization, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other geotargeting websites gives a boost to your site’s rank in local search.

Increase in Revenues and Profitability

Well-done SEO brings valuable traffic to your site. The customers who could not have found you on foot can discover you online and buy from you.

Get Prominent Place on Google Maps and Directories

Google Maps and other online directories are replacing Yellow Pages as the preferred method to find local businesses. Your local SEO services agency can turn your website into a highly-visible place in Google Maps; increasing the chances of new customers discovering you.

Low Cost, Maximum Impact Advertising

Are you an indie bookstore? The chances that you can compete against Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and other behemoths and win are negligible. Local SEO can get the most out of your limited advertising. You can appear in front of the people who are most likely to buy from you as frequently (or more often) than big boys.

Get Prominent Place on Google Maps and Directories

Google Maps and other online directories are replacing Yellow Pages as the preferred method to find local businesses. Your local SEO services agency can turn your website into a highly-visible place in Google Maps; increasing the chances of new customers discovering you.

Content Marketing With Daniels Digital

Content marketing is less about words on screen and more about storytelling. Our clients say that no one tells stories like us.

Daniels Digital combines the power of video, audio, imagery, and text to create compelling stories that your audience will want more of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Local SEO is a procedure for optimizing your Google My Business Listing to help it display more prominently in the local search results pages on Google (also known as the Local Packs) and the other major search engines.
Google Business Profile (GBP) is a web page that Google provides for local businesses. It allows you to put your company info on Google +, Google Maps, Google Search and other Google features.
Name, Address and Phone (NAP) is critical for local businesses. It’s important for your NAP to be accurate and consistent not only throughout your website, but also anywhere it appears throughout the entire Internet. Having an Inconsistent NAP confuses Google and it decreases the chances of your Google My Business Listings to rank in local pack.
Make sure you have strong Google reviews, completed and optimized Google My Business listing with photos and videos, and select the right categories. All these things can bring your business show up on Google Maps.
Accurate citations can boost your organic and local pack rankings. Citation signals still have an impact on your local pack and organic rankings. This is because search engines trust the key business listings sites and online directories to provide accurate information, and if this information is consistent and accurate across numerous trusted sites, search engines will give more prominence to it in SERPs.
Local web page content gives you an opportunity to use local search phrases in pages and posts on your website. Having content for these local search phrases increase the visibility of your business in search rankings.